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Fiscal Year 2022 Proposed Operating Budget

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The official public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at the Perry Events Center (1121 Macon Road). The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. Public input is welcome.


May 4, 2021

Mayor and Council
City of Perry
1211 Washington Street
Perry, Georgia 31069

Re: Recommended FY-2022 Operating Budget

Honorable Elected Officials:

Provided for your review and consideration is the recommended FY-2022 Recommended Operating Budget. This budget complies with your strategic plan and addresses primary operating services.

Significant points of this budget are:

  1. There is no recommended property tax millage rate increase. The millage rate remains at the FY-2021 rate.

  1. The City increases its defined contribution retirement rate for its employees from 3.00% to 4.00%.

  1. The residential fee rates are not increased for fire protection, solid waste collection, and stormwater management. Commercial rates may be increased for fire protection services, depending on final review.

  1. The City will pay the certified police officers dues for participating in the Police Officer’s Annuity and Benefit Fund. This will also be provided for the similar plan for certified firefighters.

  1. No new positions are recommended.

  1. A part time position in the Perry Police Department and full-time vacant position in the Department of Leisure Services are not recommended due to revenue source concerns. This will be reviewed again when the new digest figures are provided.

  1. Water/wastewater fees are increased due to operating cost increases.

A new format is used for the budget presentation. I believe it is more informative and useful.

Fiscal Year 2022 Recommended Operating Budget


Lee Gilmour

Mr. R. Smith

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