The Landscape Division is responsible for the maintenance, enhancement, and restoration of the City of Perry public spaces, parks, the downtown district, seasonal color displays, and the Woodlawn and Evergreen Cemeteries.

Landscape Manager
Charlie Brown
Infrastructure Supervisor
500 Ball Street
Perry, GA 31069
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O: (478) 338-2223
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Our Mission

We strive to deliver high-quality services that are environmentally sensitive and aesthetically pleasing that meets the needs of our residents and visitors. We understand the importance of a well-maintained landscape and the value it adds to your experiences here in Perry.

Our horticultural knowledge and experienced team members are dedicated to furthering Perry’s sense of place through our outdoor spaces.


Our landscape maintenance team provides services to internally designated City properties and public spaces on a bi-weekly schedule throughout the year. Seasonal and aesthetic pruning is completed seasonally and as needed, scheduled according to plant variety. Turf health is vital to landscape successes and we administer chemicals and fertilizer treatments in accordance with soil test and turf health results.

The Landscape Division is constantly pursuing educational opportunities to further our knowledge in chemical safety, sustainability, and best management horticulture practices.


While we strive to provide timeless designs that will provide beautiful landscapes for decades, the Landscape team evaluates current City landscape installations as candidates for rejuvenation or replacement.

The goal is to keep our landscapes up to date and maintain the standard of quality we have come to expect of the City of Perry. Our enhancement projects include, but are not limited to, street tree installation, foundation plantings, accent plantings, seasonal color installations, sod installation, seasonal pine straw and mulch, and chemical/fertilizer applications.

Seasonal Color

Twice a year, usually in April and October, we conduct a seasonal change-out of the annual flower displays throughout the City. Downtown boasts forty-five hanging baskets and seventy container plantings with numbers growing every year. Other seasonal displays can be found in bed plantings on major intersections and accentuating City signage installations.

The Landscape Division is responsible for routine maintenance of the seasonal color plantings, including early morning watering several days a week. We strive to provide color displays that are visually appealing, varied and interesting, and that can easily sustain our southern climate.


The City of Perry is responsible for the perpetual care and maintenance of the Evergreen and Woodlawn Cemeteries. Cemeteries and their symbols guide us into the past and are the most valuable of historic resources. They are not just where the dead reside, nor are they static snapshots of older views and attitudes about death. They are a reminder of various settlement patterns, such as villages, rural communities, urban centers and ghost towns. Cemeteries are dynamic, reflecting changing cultural institutions, social values and regional ethnic identity. Cemeteries can reveal information about historic events, religion, lifestyles and genealogy. All cemeteries encode social and cultural values reflecting specific choices; therefore they provide insight into how people organized their social and physical landscape.

In an effort to enhance our community, the City of Perry has deployed a mapping application to view and search our cemetery database. Search our mapping application were you can search for names and lot identification numbers.