A Reliable Energy Source

Natural gas is a safe, environmentally clean energy alternative for your home or business. It is domestically produced and a very reliable energy source. The City of Perry Natural Gas Department provides the final delivery of this vital energy to you; our customer.

The City of Perry Gas Department is committed to providing safe, reliable and environmentally conscious service to our 2,600 customers at the lowest cost. We are a local municipal-owned natural gas distribution company that has been serving the community since 1953. Our team of technicians and specialists are here to help you with all of your natural gas needs. Municipal utilities serve as an engine for economic development. Local flexibility, reliability and quality service offered by municipal utilities are a major advantage for the community in attracting and retaining commercial and industrial customers.


The Department’s main objective is to keep the public safe and make sure our employees are working in a safe environment. We also endeavor to educate both our customers and non-customers who live or work near our pipelines on how to recognize the odor of natural gas and how to respond if they detect possible gas odors through letters once a year. Early recognition of a gas odor and proper response can save lives.


  • Lower Heating & Maintenance Costs
  • Faster Reheat
  • Reduced Electrical Demand

Call Before You Dig!

To protect you and others in the community; federal and state government, along with your utility provider have made your safety a high priority. Any time you dig or move earth in any way, you are required to "Call Before You Dig" 48 hours before beginning any digging. When you call 811, they will contact utility owners who will locate all buried utility lines on your property, so you can safely dig and prevent a potentially hazardous condition. Failure to use the 811 system is a known cause of pipeline accidents. Calling before you dig can prevent a costly or even deadly mistake.

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless gas; however, a chemical that smells like rotten eggs is added to help detect a possible leak. Signs of a gas leak include seeing bubbling water, hearing a hissing or blowing sound from a pipeline or appliance, dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green area, or dirt or dust blowing from the ground, or the smell of rotten eggs.

If you smell gas, or just think you might have a gas leak, leave the area immediately and call Perry City Gas Department at 478-988-2777 or 911 from a neighboring home or business. Never turn on or off switches, open or close garage doors, use a flashlight or phone/cellphone in the presence of the gas smell, as these devices may be a source of ignition, causing an explosion.

Do your part to familiarize yourself and your family with these natural gas safety tips and continue to enjoy the value, comfort, and benefits of America's cleanest, more efficient energy source!