NOTE: If you are a state licensed contractor, architect, engineer and have not been previously been issued a permit in the City of Perry, please contact 478-988-2720 prior to online submittals. All submittal attachments must be in a PDF format. Click here for further details and instructions for the online development services portal. The portal also has a help feature which can further assist you.

The Building Permits and Inspections Division is responsible for coordinating the review of building and site plans for compliance with the minimum codes adopted by City Council. Inspections are periodically conducted to ensure buildings and site developments are being constructed in compliance with codes and approved plans.

Building codes are adopted by City Council and the State of Georgia. The Land Management Ordinance is adopted by City Council.

Building permits are required for residential, commercial, and industrial structures; including, building additions, swimming pools, renovations, and remodels and accessory structures over 199 square feet.
Permits are also required for certain electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work for all structures.

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Permit Requirements

In an effort to better serve our customers the Community Development Department has been reviewing and revising operating procedures as it pertains to plan review, permits, and inspections.

Changes have been implemented as it pertains to residential and commercial projects effective January 2, 2018. These changes are to streamline the Community Development’s processes so we are better serving our customers.

Note: Prior to the submittal of commercial plans a pre-application must be held. All commercial/industrial plans are required to be reviewed by the Perry Fire & Emergency Services Department. The Community Development Department is the point of contact and will distribute all plans submitted for proper review and approval. Prior to the issuance of a permit, all reviews must be completed and associated fees paid.

Estimated review times for:

Commercial Plans – Twenty (20) business days
Residential Plans – Ten (10) business days

Residential Permits – For inquiries on all residential permits please contact Ms. Dante Braddy at or 478.988.2726.

Commercial Permits – For inquiries on all commercial permits please contact Ms. Christine Sewell at or 478-988-2720.