Short-Term Rentals

The City of Perry welcomes businesses of all types, including variations on visitor accommodations like short-term rental units (STR).

Short-Term Rental Unit means a privately owned residential dwelling or any separable portion of such dwelling, rented for occupancy for lodging or sleeping purposes for a period of less than 30 consecutive days, counting portions of calendar days as full days. This term is not applicable to other types of visitor accommodations, health care, or institutions.

This use type is regulated under the visitor accommodations use category in Article 4, Use Regulations.

Map of STRs in Perry

Quick Facts About Short-Term Rentals in Perry

  • An STR Permit is required prior to operating an STR in the City of Perry
  • A 1,000-foot separation between STRs is required.
  • STRs in residential zoning districts require a special exception to obtain an initial STR Permit.
  • Special exception applications go before the Planning Commission, then to the City Council for final decision.
  • STR Permits require proof of insurance, initial and annual inspections, and annual renewal.
  • STRs are permitted uses in the following zoning districts with a STR Permit: OI, C1, C2, C3, IMU, MUC, and NMU.
  • The STR Permit number must be included in all advertising platforms.
  • A local contact person (property manager) must be designated.
  • An STR Permit is issued to the property owner and is not transferable.

What are the Fees & Requirements to Operate a Short-Term Rental?

Special Exception Application and Initial STR Permit Fee – $306

Short-Term Rental Renewal Permit Fee – $200

First Inspection – Free

Re-Inspection Fee – $116 for first re-inspection; add $63 to previous fee for each subsequent visit