The Perry Police Department is dedicated to providing exceptional service through a problem solving approach, emphasizing a commitment to excellence through teamwork.

Citizen Complaint Procedure

Police employees are carefully selected, held to the highest standards and provided with the best training available. The purpose of any Internal Affairs system is the diligent pursuit of the truth. We are committed to this objective, recognizing that our agency’s credibility depends on our ability to police ourselves. With this in mind, we provide the following information on how you may file a complaint, how a complaint is investigated, and how it is disposed.

How to File a Complaint

A person wishing to file a complaint should contact a supervisor at the Perry Police Department. The supervisor will give you a Citizen’s Complaint Form. If you are unable to come to the Police Department, a form may be sent to you through the mail or you may download the form. Minor complaints of misconduct should be filed within thirty days of the occurrence. The Internal Affairs Investigator will notify you of the progress of the investigation, and you may be asked to supply additional information. Once the investigation is completed, you will be notified of the disposition of your complaint.

What Happens When a Complaint is Substantiated

When the investigation of a complaint reveals that the charges are true, the department may take one of the following actions, depending upon the nature of the violation:

  1. Oral Warning
  2. Counseling/Training
  3. Written Warning
  4. Suspension
  5. Demotion
  6. Termination

What Happens if the Complaint is not Substantiated

If there is not sufficient evidence to support the allegation, the investigation will be closed and no further action will be taken. Citizens should make every attempt to ensure that their complaint is accurate and complete and provide full details without exaggeration.

The Perry Police Department is vitally interested in the welfare of all citizens and in taking action where its employees have proven derelict in their duties or are guilty of wrongdoing. If it becomes necessary for you to file a complaint, you may be assured that it will be given a fair and thorough investigation.

By the same token, if you have occasion to see a Police Officer doing outstanding work, we encourage you to tell the employee or us about it.