NOTE: If you are a state licensed contractor, architect, engineer and have not been previously been issued a permit in the City of Perry, please contact 478-988-2720 prior to online submittals. All submittal attachments must be in a PDF format. Click here for further details and instructions for the online development services portal. The portal also has a help feature which can further assist you.

All plans are to be submitted to the Community Development Department through the online Development Portal to ensure proper distribution to the various regulatory agencies and City departments. There are specific guidelines required for the various types of development for residential and commercial projects within the City of Perry. With the exception of single family home permits, all projects require a pre-application meeting and can be scheduled by contacting the department at 478.988.2720 or via email at

Please view the following documents for detailed requirements. The City of Perry Civil Development Master Checklist is required on all new site plan submittals.

DSM Table of Contents & Purpose, 1-8-2018

Gravel Parking Surfacing Construction Specifications, 1-8-2018

Access to Perry Parkway, 2-2019

Curb Cut Limitations on Perry Parkway, 1-16-2007


Standards for Pedestrian Lighting Holophane Revised, 4-2-2015 HNA

Receptacles for Poles, 4-2-2015


Stormwater Local Design Manual, 11-21-2006 Revised

Stormwater Requirements in Downtown Development Overlay District

Perry Branch Watershed Special District Requirements, 10-15-2006

Langston Road Special District Requirements, 7-19-2007

Stormwater Utility Credit Manual Final, 7-2013

Managing Flooplain Development in Approximate Zone A Areas, 7-1995

City of Perry Civil Development Master Checklist

Land Disturbance Application