City Clerk
Warren, Annie Annie Warren
City Clerk
808 Carroll Street
Perry, GA 31069
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O: (478) 988-2736
F: (478) 988-2705
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Assistant City Clerk

Statement of Interest Process

Any person, at any time, may fill out a Statement of Interest to serve on any mayor/council-appointed position for any authority, board, or commission.

All Statements of Interest will be maintained by the City Clerk with a copy sent to the assigned city staff person for that authority, board, or commission.

Statements of Interest shall remain valid for two (2) years from the initial application date.

When an opening occurs the City Clerk shall forward a copy of the valid Statements of Interest for that opening to the assigned staff person.

At any time an elected official, staff person, or authority, board or commission member may encourage a qualified person to submit a Statement of Interest for a particular authority, board, or commission.

Prior to the scheduled appointment date by mayor/ council the assigned staff person shall review and rank all current Statements of Interest for the position. If the position is appointed by the

Mayor or council member the staff person shall involve that elected official in the rating process. The rating shall incorporate the organization's state criteria, city charter/ordinance, and organization's by-laws.

A recommendation shall be provided to mayor and council as part of the agenda package, when it is to consider the appointment.

Council shall review the information provided and make its selection.

Nothing in this process shall prohibit council from selecting the person it feels is most qualified for the position.