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New Haven/Stonebridge Subdivisions Water Information

On behalf of the City of Perry, please accept our apology for the temporary loss of water service. This is a result of water lines cracking from service pressure. To address this issue, the City is replacing failed portions of the pipe.

We understand how service disruptions impact your household routine. Due to the complexity of the infrastructure issues, we are implementing short-term solutions while continuing to evaluate the most efficient and cost-effective actions to eliminate this issue in the future.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please know the City of Perry remains committed to providing quality services to our citizens.

Options Presented to Council

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Council Approved Actions

At the December 7, 2021 council meeting, Council approved City staff to:

  1. Complete looping and valving water mains through Sadie Heights subdivision. No cost.

  2. Install additional isolation valves to reduce the number of customers affected by a break repair. Cost per value is $2,500.

City staff will continue to evaluate the situation and provide recommendations to Council regarding the most efficient and cost-effective actions to decrease the number of water main breaks in this area.